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Today, a show from May 6, 1995, starring a bunch of guys who mostly went on to be in supergroups but, when this recording was made, were just starting to get big. Billed as a Mike Watt show, it also featured Dave Grohl on drums, guitar, and backing vocals; Eddie Vedder on guitar and backing vocals (and lead vocal on “Habit”); Pat Smear on guitar, backing vocals (and lead vocal on ‘Secret Garden’); and William Goldsmith, of Sunny Day Real Estate, (occasionally) The Foo Fighters, and Mike Watt’s band, on drums. Notably, this was the show where Eddie unveiled “Habit.” He hadn’t even played with PJ yet!

This is a high quality show. As usual, a few tastes and then a zip.

Walking the Cow (Daniel Johnston)
Big Train
Formal Introduction (fIREHOSE)
Against the 70’s
Drove up from Pedro
Habit (Pearl Jam; Eddie Vedder on vocals)
Makin’ the Freeway (fIREHOSE)
Chinese Firedrill
Piss-Bottle Man
Forever – One Reporter’s Opinion
E-Ticket Ride
Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Minutemen)
Coincidence is Either Hit or Miss
The Red and the Black (Blue Oyster Cult)
Secret Garden (Madonna) (From Madge’s worst album, “Erotica”)
Powerful Hankerin’ (fIREHOSE)

  1. Kels says:

    Dude, you are a ROCK STAR for posting this. I saw this tour roll through Chicago’s Metro. Eddie opened with his wife’s Hovercraft project, sitting in the shadows playing experimental art noise. And then, the then-unknown Foo Fighters kicked the crap out of the place, blistering through the debut album. Seeing Dave as a frontman for the first time, you can’t believe the greatest drummer in world history (my opinion, everyone else is entitled to their own) could also sing and shred with the best of them. And Pat Smear was bouncing around like a teenager. There was life after Nirvana, and it was going to be incredible. When they left the stage, we didn’t want it to be over. And it wasn’t. Eddie and Mike joined them and kept the party going. And thanks to you, those faded, blissful memories can once again thunder out of my stereo!

  2. Kels says:

    I just dug out my concert ticket…. so this IS the Metro show from Chicago – the sound quality of recording is incredible! For Foo Fighters fans, this tour recording along with Dave’s Pocketwatch LP are the essential bridges between the Nirvana and Foo Fighters eras.

  3. Anuj Gupta says:

    You just made my day / week / month! Thanks a ton 🙂


  4. jayco says:

    i was at the tramps show in april, 1995. never forget it. thanks.

  5. felipe says:

    do you still have it complete?
    the link of the zip file isn’t working

  6. Rich says:

    Dude, if you could re-upload this I will be in great debt to you.

  7. Brad says:

    Hey Im not gonna beg but…….I would tell the whole world how badass you are constantly for reloading this. Please make the world a better place.

  8. Ruben says:

    Einen schoenen Artikel hast du hier geschrieben. Dieser Artikel hat mich irgendwie animiert auch wieder mehr zu bloggen, werde mich jetzt gleich mal hinsetzen und einen neuen Artikel schreiben.

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