Posted: September 22, 2007 by dillion in Indie rock, MP3, Music

Why am I doing this? Maybe it’s because Rescue Me was fucking robbed at the Emmys. One of the best dramas in the history of television, and fucking James Spader gets the best actor statue? He acts opposite William Shatner. Even I could act against Shatner. Dennis Leary has shown incredible range and power this season, as has every other member of the cast. Fucking Emmy selection committee blows.

Or maybe I’m doing this because the VBs haven’t produced anything in a long while, and I saw The Hives have something coming out. Von Bondies blow those dudes away.

Or maybe it’s just because these rare cuts have been sitting on my hard drive for too long. Check ’em out. And check out the VB’s last album. Good stuff.

1. Cryin’

2. Night Train

3. Vacant As A Ghost

4. Sound of Terror

5. Going Down

6. In the Act

7. Shallow Grave

8. Rock and Roll Nurse

9. No Sugar Mama

10. Save My Life

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