EARLIMART-“Mentor Tormentor”

Posted: September 6, 2007 by dillion in earlimart, Indie, MP3, Music

Earlimart’s fifth record, Mentor Tormentor, is the first Earlimart record I’ve listened to in its entirety. No yelling at me, now! I know you are all much better music nerds than I am. Nevertheless, I’d rather arrive late than never. Mentor Tormentor contains 15 cuts of pure indie rock and pop bliss. There’s not a clunker on the album, from the sing-along joy of “Cold Cold Heaven” to upbeat acoustic strumming of “Nothing is True,” complete with a whistle solo straight out of Don McLean, and a carnival breakdown. Fakey Fake has just enough feedback to be cool, without descending into that least-of-all-accessible genres, noisepop, and with the breathy vocals the track could easily be a Luna outtake. But don’t be fooled by the glossy pop–their music is also serious and contemplative. “Don’t (You) Think About Me,” is heartbreaking, and “Answers and Questions” is a thought-provoking toe-tapper. I would bet even money this ends up being one of the hottest indie albums of the year, if only us bloggers catch on. Go buy a copy, share it with your friends, and spread the word: This is the best summer album you’ll buy this year.

For fans of: Peter Bjorn and John, Voxtrot, and the like.

Nothing is True

Don’t think about me

  1. I had an Earlimart album from eMusic for more than 3 years but avoided listening because I didn’t like the band name. I recently heard their song Happy Alone (off Treble & Tremble) and am now a huge fan. So I’m with you — better late than never! Thanks for making an awesome blog. Please keep the indie commentary and tunes coming.

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