Posted: September 6, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

1. Southside-Kanye West and Common. From the “Prelude to Graduation” mixtape. And with this, I eagerly await the 9/11 release of Graduation.

2. George Bush Don’t Like Black People-Kanye West and Legendary K.O. And with that, I even more eagerly await Kanye’s press tour.

3. You Never Even Call Me By My Name (David Allan Coe cover)-Band of Horses. Their second album drops soon, and it may be the most anticipated indie rock album of the year. (By me, at least.)

4. Funeral music (Cam’Ron dis)-50 Cent. Come on, admit you’re curious. There’s bound to be at least 2 good bangers on it.

5. All You Need is Love (Beatles cover)-Rogue Wave. They make solid pop, and I’m looking forward to the Asleep At Heaven’s Gate album.

6. Rilo, Feist, M.I.A., . . . They all let me down this year. All were capable of better. In particular, Rilo Kiley’s album was short and still felt like there wasn’t enough there. I mean, these gals can sing, but none of them released solid records. Some really tight singles, but no great albums.

7. Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover)-Rilo Kiley.

8. Lover’s Spit-Feist (live)

9. Arctic Monkeys’ sophmore album, on the other hand, still kicks ass. If you haven’t heard/bought it yet, do it now. Diamonds are Forever-Arctic Monkeys.

10. And where the fuck are We Are Scientists? Cash Cow-We Are Scientists with Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys.

  1. ekko says:

    I’ve been saying for about a month that MIA’s album is just not that good and you are the first person to defend it. Also you are the only woman to comment on it. Maybe she speaks to your gender more than mine . . . As for Feist, it was an incredibly underwhelming major label debut considering the borderline brilliant stuff she’s come out with in the past.

  2. Jad says:

    Can’t say I dislike the new M.I.A. either… though it’s certainly not a top pick this year. It’s just good to bump in the car, on occasion. “Paper Planes” is hype, at least.

    Feist was a letdown though. Again, worth listening to, but she can do sooooo much better.

    Thanks for the PS cover, haven’t heard that one before.

  3. the we are scientists record is scheduled for an early 2008 release.

  4. Ratko says:

    I’m jumping to Feist’s and M.I.A’s defense as well. I thought both albums were pretty damn steller…

  5. Aliya says:

    Jumping to M.I.A.’s defense as well. Took a couple listens but now I think it’s brilliant.

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