Posted: August 26, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Regular readers know that DC has an open invitation here: Anything they create will be posted here. Period. I love their unique brand of oddly named instrumentals. They need to be hired to score a Sofia Coppolla western. Or maybe a Lindsey Lohan high school hijinx comedy. That would be interesting.

Here is their latest, along with their as-usual hilarious e-mail to me.

Mr. E.,

Long time no nowt, etc. & then some.

Busy, see? Nuts everywhere & up to them in guts: travelling, radio, housework, needlepoint.

That said, new tunes are pissing out of us like refugees.

Not sure if’n we gave you the first attached (Amelia Jane Refrain) before, but if not we are now.

Second (the you-shaped hole) is a new half tune what is a demo spliced into a bitesizable for ear fitting. This will be a much longer piece with lots of other things & so consider this a rough mix of a 2/4 completed demo.

If you want to use them on your lovely space then please do. If now, then not then. We still love you like a prison momma. Dig?

That is all.


The You Shaped Hole

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