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By now I’m sure all of you have heard about 50 Cent’s statement that if his 9/11 release doesn’t outsell Kanye’s, he will never release another solo album. The only reason this got any press is because . . .

Well, I’m not sure why. I’m pretty sure 50 Cent has always and substantially outsold Kanye—probably moving at least double the amount of units. 50’s statement is just like saying that if the war in Iraq is over by 9/11 he’ll retire. I mean, sure, there’s a chance but come on. But what’s really surprised me is the amount Fiddy hatred I’ve been reading about, guys promising to buy two copies of Kanye just to force a semi-retirement and all. To those folks, I first must say, “You do realize that 50 never said he’d get out of music—he said he’d stop releasing solo albums. That means we could expect twice as many G-Unit albums. Does anyone really want that?

“Get Rich or Die Tryin” was a masterpiece of G-Funk/California sound. It didn’t change anything, really, but to me it was the high-water-mark of commercialized gangsta rap. The genre never got better after that, and that record epitomize everything that came before. It wasn’t better than St8 Outta Compton; Doggystyle; Chronic (or even Chronic 2.0), but the bangers on that record were omnipresent and, admit it, were true to the game.

“College Dropout” is a straight Chi-Town record. It’s not gangsta and although it’s got a little bling, it also attempted to elevate the genre and speak to middle class America. It had multiple possible audiences and showed complexity where 50 showed caricature. Given a choice between the two, mass audiences generally prefer stereotypes. That’s what “mass” means: Everyone can understand it because we all know exactly what to expect. There’s nothing wrong with mass appeal, but it’s hardly a boast to say, “I can make an album that sounds like all my other albums and paints pictures that don’t make you squint or think, and it will sell better than another guy who markets the unexpected.”

That said, though, Kanye’s “Late Registration” fell far short of his first and the mixtapes and GAP ads floating around don’t give me hope for his upcoming release. The aware,
not-proud-to-have-been-a-drugdealer crowd has many more voices now: They’ve rediscovered Kanye, there’s Lupe, and Kanye has marketed his sound to so many people for singles and the like. He may find himself irrelevant.

Just like 50.

So maybe he can outsell him?

Go / All You Deliver vs. Common, Kanye West and John Mayer (Dert)

I Met Oprah-Kanye West

Chase You Outta Here-50 Cent

Dreams of Fucking Lil’ Kim-Kanye West

Not Rich, Still Tryin’-50 Cent

  1. Cbomb says:

    Have you heard the new Kanye? I got it as soon as it leaked, and I have preordered it as well. Musically, 50 has nothing on Kanye. Gangsta rap is whack as hell anyways… Kanye has stuff to say sometimes 🙂

  2. asdf says:

    GO TEAM KANYE F()F()!!!!!!!!!

  3. Neza says:

    Good analysis. Although 50 outsold Kanye in the past I think Kanye will win because most have had enough of 50’s gimmicks. 50 will do well but this will probably be his worst major commercial album to date as far as sales go. While Kanye will probably move about the same number of unit he usually moves.

  4. kanye > 50 says:

    haha the author of this article is ridiculous! 50 is a dime a dozen gangsta rapper. he has no substance and all his rap is about hoes, money, weed, etc etc. kanye will always be a better lyricist and producer because he raps about sh*t that matters or is actually relevant. sorry but i’d have to disagree with the author on this one.

  5. ekko says:

    Uh . . . What do you mean? I said Kanye was better.

  6. Diamond Shell says:

    There IS a difference between Hip-Hop and Rap. Kanye is TRUE hip-hop while 50 is a Gangsta Rapper. they aint the same. I would like to think that by now 50 would have a bit more to talk about than getting shot and cars and shit. Kanye is the Real deal he talks about everything from the hood to hollywood, things he has REALLY done. 50 raps about so much thugging he aint really doing none of that. In my day we would call 50 a “studio gangsta”. No contest kanye is better

  7. ToFu says:

    Don’t worry ekko, it seems like either he didn’t actually read your article, or he didn’t understand a few words here and there. GET A DICTIONARY AND LOOK THEM UP BEFORE YOU MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE FOOLS

  8. appendium says:

    i think kanye is doing a prettty good job. get rich or die trying , 50 has just wasted his time and ours.

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