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We covered 2000. We covered 2001. And we covered 2002. Now, thanks to a great reader from across the pond, we’ve got the 2003 show to share with y’all! And it’s great quality, to boot(leg)!

I don’t know the original artists of all the covers yet (just got this, haven’t had time to do research yet). If you know, drop me a comment please.

Night Moves (Bob Seger cover). Fucking kick ass version.

Borderline (Madonna). Better than the original!


Friday I’m In Love (The Cure).

Goodnight, Elizabeth.

New Frontier.

Give You Up.


Barely Out of Tuesday.

Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead).

Goodnight, L.A.

A Long December.

Here Comes Your Man.

Cocaine Cannot Kill My Pain (Steve Earle).

Pale Blue Eyes.

These Days.

Fearless Heart.

Good Time.

Crazy for You (Madonna).

Amie (Pure Prarie League)

Rain King

O, Susannah!

Blues Run the Game

Girl From the North Country (Bob Dylan)

Sullivan Street.

  1. eli says:

    Here’s some info I found on

    1. “Dark Globe” -Syd Barrett (REM) +
    2. “Night Moves” – Bob Seger
    3. “Borderline” – Madonna
    4. “Catapult” – Counting Crows
    5. “Friday I’m in Love” – The Cure
    6. “Goodnight Elisabeth” – Counting Crows
    7. “New Frontier” (acoustic) – Counting Crows
    8. “Night Flight” – Led Zeppelin @
    9. “Give you Up” – David Gibbs *
    10. “Ghost” – David Gibbs *
    11. “Barely out of Tuesday” – Counting Crows%
    12. “Better Things” – The Kinks
    13. “Friend of the Devil” – Grateful Dead
    14. “Goodnight LA” – Counting Crows @
    15. “A Long December” – Counting Crows @
    16. “Here Comes your Man” – Beastie Boys/Pixies
    17. “CCKMP (Cocaine Cannot Kill My Pain)” – Steve Earle
    18. “Pale Blue Eyes” – Velvet Underground
    19. “These Days” – Jackson Browne
    20. “Fearless Heart” – Steve Earle
    21. “Good Time” – Counting Crows
    22. “Crazy for You” – Madonna
    23. “Amie” – Pure Prairie League
    24. “Rain King” – Counting Crows
    25. “Blues Run The Game” – Jackson C Frank (tease)
    26. “We Will Rock You/Oh Susannah” – Queen/Stephen Foster !
    27. “Blues Run the Game” – Jackson C Frank (full version)
    28. “Girl from the North Country” – Bob Dylan
    29. “Sullivan Street” – Counting Crows

    +David Immergluck Solo
    *David Gibbs Solo
    !Adam Duritz Solo
    @Andre Carter featured on Trumpet
    %David Gibbs and Charlie Gillingham playing

  2. Linn1 says:

    Thanks for finding this! I’d had bits of this show for years, but never the whole thing! Excellent, please keep them coming! 🙂

  3. firefox1042 says:

    could you repost the shim sham 03? link is dead! please!

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