Posted: August 1, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

I’m totally psyched to share this one with y’all. It’s a boot of a show by one of the greatest songwriter/rock singers in history, the great Joe Strummer of The Clash. On stage with The Mescaleros at West London’s Acton Town Hall on the evening of 15th November 2002. It was a benefit show, and one of his best ever. While he was playing, Joe looked out into the audience and saw a familiar face. And when it came time for the encore, that familiar face appeared on stage with a guitar. Mick Jones and Joe Strummer doing Bankrobber together for the first time in 20 years.


A few samples, and the zip.

1 Shaktar Donetsk
2 Bhindi Bhagee
3 Rudie Can’t Fail
4 Tony Adams
5 White Man in Hammersmith Palais
6 Mega Bottle Ride
7 Get Down Moses
8 Police & Thieves
9 Cool ‘n’ Out
10 Police on My Back
11 Johnny Appleseed
12 Coma Girl
13 I Fought the Law
14 Bankrobber (with Mick Jones)
15 White Riot (with Mick Jones)
16 London’s Burning (with Mick Jones)

  1. metro says:

    It is a great show, but Acton Town Hall is hardly an arena and the benefit was for the Firemen who were on strike at the time and not nelson mandela.

  2. nazz nomad says:

    rip joe

  3. Ghostfaced Killer says:

    Unfortunately, I am not able to download the zip file. Sendspace sucks. Would someone please reupload it somewhere else (Rapidshare)? I’d be so grateful for this! Thanks.

  4. Ghostfaced Killer says:

    😦 Please!

  5. ekko says:

    The sendspace link works fine. Just click on it once, it will take you to the sendspace download screen. There, you will see another blue link to click and the DL will start. I use sendspace because unlike Rapidshare it’s not limited and unlike Megaupload you don’t have to wait a minute before you get your link. Also, it’s got fast uploads. Try it again, GFK.

  6. Juan Duque says:

    Thanks for this ekko!! With all his faults, I loved Joe and his wide open concept of the world and its music. It’s cool to know that his favorite music during the last years was Colombian music (cumbia)!!! It’s both conforting and frustrating to think and know that we would have had a blast hanging out, drinking wine, and listening to music. Oh well. Another life, another day. Ha ha. Cheers from Medellin, Juan D

  7. Ghostfaced Killer says:

    Yeah, I know how Sendspace works, but I always get this message:

    “Sorry, the free service is at full capacity.
    Please try later or upgrade to sendspace Max™ to enable guaranteed slots and instant, fast downloads.”

    It says that I should wait 60 seconds until the link is refreshed, but the message’s coming all the time. I hate Sendspace. Well, thanks anyway.

  8. ekko says:

    hm. i have never had that problem. i just DL’ed from SS and tried to upload it to rapidshare and mediafire for you, but after getting three errors each time and wasting a half hour, i’m stopping.

    sorry gfk.

    anyone else having Sendspace problems?

  9. Please repost man! Great show!

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