FOO A to Z (live, covers, and very rarities)

Posted: July 30, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

I did a Foo A to Z about a year ago or so. Actually, it was a whole week of Foo. It didn’t go down too well. Guess my readers weren’t fans back then. I’m trying again because they are one of my top 5 favorite rock bands ever.

And I didn’t even like Nirvana that much.

A is for Arms Wide Open (Creed Cover)-Dave Grohl. Dave did another version of this during a soundcheck for some cable TV show. I’ve heard it, but I don’t have it. It was called “Legs wide open,” and it was about a strip joint. If anybody out there has it, I’d be in your debt if you’d send it. Been looking for it for years.

B is for Back in Black (ACDC cover)-Foo Fighters (live).

C is for The Colour and the Shape-Foo Fighters (live). The unreleased title track from their best album, a really keen live recording. It’s pretty rare that they do this tune.

D is for DOA (video). You can get it for free off their official webside.

E is for Eddie Money! Baby Hold On To Me (Eddie Money)-Foo Fighters

F is for the Fab Four! Blackbird (beatles cover)-Foo Fighters. An interesting hard rock version of this mellow classic tune. It’s a little disjointed (punk) at first, but let it settle in.

G is for I’m Gonna Puke (live version of Overdrive)-The Foo Fighters.

H is for Haden! Floaty-Petra Haden and Bill Frisell. This cover is from a truly great album by Petra and Bill. Petra actually played some acoustic gigs with the Foos after she recorded this. A highly recommended purchase.

I is for I’ll Stick Around (live version)-Foo Fighters

J is for Hey Johnny Park!-Foo Fighters (live acoustic version).

K is for Kiss the Bottle (Jawbreaker cover)-Foo Fighters.

L is for Lemmy! Shake Your Blood-The Foo Fighters with Lemmy from Motorhead (live version).

M is for My Hero-Paramore (Foo Fighters cover).

N is for No Action-Foo Fighters and Never Talking to You Again (Husker Du cover)-Foo Fighters (live)

O is for Lyla (live Oasis cover)-Foo Fighters

P is for Pokey the Puppy (demo)-Dave Grohl.

Q is for the question, “Why?” As in, why is anyone covering this lame novelty song, let alone two great guitar player/songwriters within a year of each other? Perhaps this should have been an “S” entry, for synergy.

8675309 Jenny (Tommy Tutone)-Foo Fighters

8675309 Jenny (live Tommy Tutone)-Patterson Hood (of the Drive By Truckers)

R is for Razor (live version)-The Foo Fighters.

S is for Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynrd cover)-Foo Fighters (live).

T is for Throwing Needles-Foo Fighters. This is from the famous “Pocketwatch Demo tape.” Most demos are pretty lame, but this one was pretty good. This is the best tune on it, but he also did a version of “Friend of a Friend,” which didn’t hit wax until years later.

U is for Underground. The tale of the Beaconsfield miners moved Dave so much that he wrote a personal letter and then this song, in tribute. It hasn’t been released as a studio version yet, and this is a pretty crappy version, but it’s so rare that he gets political or topical that it’s cool to hear it. Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners-Foos.

W is for Weenie Beenie (live version)-Foo Fighters.

X is for an X-mas song! Satan’s Away in a Manger-Dave Grohl (live)

Z is for Zip file.

  1. Mary says:

    Great post!
    Does anyone know if the Foo Fighters ever did cover Brendan Benson songs live? I’ve read reports but have not been able to locate any audio.

  2. kelly says:

    Amazing post. Keep posting the Foo’s because they are the greatest band of all time… not to mention the greatest cover band of all time. In addition to the dozens of covers released as b-sides, and on the post above, the only other ones I have are Stairway to Heaven, Tiny Dancer and Carry on My Wayward Son (most/all of which I think came from The Late Late Show). Their version of Prince/Vanity 6’s “Drive Me Wild” is the highlight of the Colour reissue.

  3. ekko says:

    No, but I wish I did. If you find it, be kind and share!

  4. Awesome post!!! I have some other covers you didn’t list, but I think they’re common ones — e.g. Baker Street.

  5. Jose says:

    Great post!… and there are many other covers such as Have a cigar, pink floyd cover which i think is awesome and even better than the original.. or darling nikki, prince cover… and theres even a version with gnarls barkley.. and holiday in cambodia.. those are new from de vmas… tiny dancer, stairway to heaven (with voice solo lol) and baker street… i also have this wonderwall cover.. but im not completely sure its dave’s

  6. ekko says:

    Well, Jose, I sure wish you’d share the Wonderwall. I have all the the others.

  7. Elspeth says:

    Definitely my favorite covers they do are Down in the Park and Drive Me Wild. You can tell Dave Grohl grew up in the D.C. area like I did as we have similar musical tastes, I think.

    Thanks for the links here too – there are definitely some I want to check out!

  8. josho says:

    i found this post just now
    awesome collection
    an important cover dave did would have to be junior murvin’s police and thieves for the movie reno 911 miami (in the style of the clash)
    you really have to search for the 5min song from the movie credits but its worth it

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