PICTURE OF THE DAY (with a soundtrack!)

Posted: July 28, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Ah, to be a young and foolish teen again . . . speaking of teens:  This is a live version of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. If if every Nirvana song sounded like this, I would have loved the band. But their studio stuff never had this kind of energy, did it?

  1. as a young Drunk Province I worked in that there comic/book/movie emporium Forbidden Planet in that there Cardiff. t’were a plum job, what with its close proximity to the city centre, student apartment block accommodation, the university boogie palace (with all its sparkly beer taps & tight young lady studes of all variety & hair colouring), & the like. in situ, us what were behind the counter had control over the piped musi-drone. being a smarmy Daniel Johnston, Bongwater (+ all Shimmy Disc up to that point in 1989), Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, NIN, Big Black et al fan at the time most of the grubbies spent little time browsing & more time buyig & leaving quick sharp rather than listen to Death Valley 69 or Cherub & the like YET again. as this accidental enforced high-rate trade tactic worked my boss allowed me the comfort of introducing more & more bizarre/obnoxious sounds to filter into the X-Men dribbling clientele’s fusty hair-do draped ears. but, that didn’t mean we took requests. Nirvana was one such outfit constantly begged for by tie-dyed waifs, all mascara-smudged & desperately trying to forget they owned everything by The Cure. i digress…

    now, as a wirey, shat-grin skank of an OS reference I deliberately ignored Nirvana’s ascent post Sub Pop/Bleach because i knew no matter how good it would be i didn’t want to be dragged through the flotsam & jetsam of highstreet store grunge-u-like philisophicals whining about the integrity of the power-bar chord versus a capo over a flat cider and blackcurrant cordial mix.

    anyway, to point: my colleague & i resolved to nip this request malarkey in the bud & so, with every request for a Nirvana track, we would agree to play the song they asked for but instead played the theme tune to an 80s UK cartoon “Roobarb & Custard” (I have no idea if this ever crossed the waterway, but it baffled the UK audience enough as it was without scaring foreigners). We then discussed very loudly the fact that Nirvana’s ‘sound’ on Nevermind was all down to Kurt visiting the UK way back whenever (playing TJ’s in Newport, Gwent — the so-called “Seattle of Wales”labeleth the lazy journos — & where he reportedly met Courtney for the first time) & seeing the cartoon “Roobarb & Custard”, particularly entranced by the theme tune &, hey presto, international snowball on your hands.

    to understand the proximity of sound-a-likeness, you may, should you wish to extend a curiosity, download an mp3 of the theme tune via

    [audio src="http://80scartoonscontent.co.uk/sounds/roobarb.mp3" /]

    listen & marvel.

    alas, Kurt’s lucky streak faded sharply with the conception of In Utero after searching high & low for the next Cartoon Soundtrack-inspired ‘sound’ for the next direction. settling, as he did, on this instead:

    [audio src="http://80scartoonscontent.co.uk/sounds/jamie.mp3" /]

    (if only…)

    Cheers for the post, as always.


    (inevitable postscript: i did eventually buy Nevermind & loved like the rest of the scuffed knee’d planet, but maintain their best work were the songs they threw away. ta)

  2. ekko says:

    Wow DC, this isn’t a comment, it’s an actual post. “loved like the rest of [us]”–not quite. i didn’t love them. but nor do i hate them. preferred indifference, that’s how i felt.

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