TAKKA TAKKA-“We Feel Safer at Night”

Posted: July 22, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

taKKa takka (or Takka Takka, depending on where you’re reading about them) hail from New York and most closely approximate folktronica–that odd mix of gentle acoustic guitars, piano, and the occasional horn, punctuated by beeps, burps, whirls and clicks. Some songs are heavy on hook, like “They Built You Up Too Fast,” while others are more meandering. And all are marked by obscure lyrics. Their new release, “We Feel Safer At Night,” is a strong album focussing more on the catchy stuff. They’re definitely arty, which explains why they toured with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah last year. A unique sound that isn’t worried about fitting into any particular category, Takka Takka is for fans of genre-busters like Yo La Tengo, T Rex, and Beck.

From “We Feel Safer At Night”

Coco on the Corner

They Built You Up Too Fast

From “Talk Faster”

Draw A Map

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