Posted: July 18, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Still stuck with the spotty-at-best wifi here. I happen to have this on my laptop, though, so I’m throwing it up. It’s the 2001 demo of The Arcade Fire’s first work. It’s interesting to see how their sound evolved into Funeral. I can’t say I really love these songs, but they’re worth checking out, for the curious or the insatiable collectors out there. In particular, No Winter for a Year has that same kind of snowy depression that marked Tunnels, while an instrumental track shows glimmers of the complex orchestration they would become known for later on. Then, of course, there’s the tune, The Great Arcade Fire, which is more proof that bands shouldn’t have theme songs. See also: “What’s Your Favorite Color, Baby (Living Colour)?” by Living Colour; “Beastie Revolution” (Beastie Boys).
Anyway, a few tastes then a zip. Y’all know the deal.

No Winter for a Year

Goodnight Boy

You Tried to Turn Away My Fears

Cop the whole demo tape, with the above three songs and more, in a zip file.

  1. Guillaume says:

    This is the only place I could find the demo online (or in stores… it’s nowhere in Montreal), and it should be widely distributed. Not because the lyrics, melodies or orchestrations are good, because they’re clearly not…. but because it just shows how a somewhat anonymous band with average tracks can evolve in redefining what rock music is about. Win Butler’s voice in the demo is absolutely crappy/trying too hard/not at the right place.
    Their guitar riffs and chord progression sounds either post-rock on some tracks, or totally country/folk on others… Now you can barely hear any guitar in their more recent releases, although if you listen well you can distinguish 3 or 4 guitar tracks per song.
    The addition of instruments and strings arrangements as well as Win’s singing evolution totally changed Arcade Fire’s sound… for the best.

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