Posted: July 10, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

I’ve already told y’all that the new album from The White Stripes, Icky Thump, is awesome.

And you still shouldn’t wait to buy it. Because you can’t win it here.

But here’s what I do have to offer you: A prize package with a poster, T-Shirt, sticker, and pin of The White Stripes

Want it?

You should.

Here’s how to win:

Drop me a comment (or send me an e-mail) with your e-mail address in it. Make sure you do this. No excuses will be accepted.

Tell me the greatest The White Stripes recorded performance. It can be a cover. It can be a studio album. It could even be Icky Thump.

That’s it! I’ll pick a winner in about ten days.

  1. jackpott says:

    I’d have to go with Elephant. cartcrew AT

  2. Jeremy in south Florida says:

    I know it’s the song that everybody from the mainstream knows and associates with The White Stripes, but “Seven Nation Army” is probably one of the most badass rock songs ever, and my vote for the best White Stripes recording.

  3. Justin says:

    I really love the cover of “Jolene”. I guess a live recording counts as a recording.

    If not, I go with “My Doorbell”

    jrcarter08 AT

  4. Daniel says:

    My favorite will always be “Hello Operator”. I had listened to it many times, but it wasn’t until it came on a jukebox in a Richmond, Va cafe that I truly fell in love with it. And the girl I was sitting with at the time. Also a great harmonica solo.

  5. Oh, robot says:

    The finest, most heartfelt performance in my opinion was:

    on June 1st 2005 in Manaus, Brazil at the Teatro Amazones Opera House.

    They were playing “I just don’t know what to do with myself” when Jack stopped the song midway and said “hold on meg…”

    He then began singing a fifties influenced love song called “Apple Blossom Time”

    Thank you for having a great site too!

    Oh, robot

  6. John Morrow says:

    I love their cover of “Jolene”…but “Lafayette Blues” and “Black Math” are great songs also…just too many to choose from.

  7. Lance Morris says:

    The slow burn giving way to insane shredding in “Ball and Bisquit” makes that my favorite song, followed closely by “Blue Orchid”: “You’ve got an erection!” go my alternate lyrics.

  8. Jad says:

    “You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket” simply because it’s so un-White Stripes. Plus, it’s pretty darn cute.

    Ekko, your blog is fresh dude. Thanks for hitting up Three Pints.

  9. ev says:

    Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground. period. That opening crunch is as satisfyingly jarring as the Radiohead-Creep crunch.
    BerkeleyPlace plays today’s best music!! Now where’s my money?!?

  10. joshuasbones says:

    St. Ides of March, a cover of a Soledad brothers song, from the Hardest Button to Button single. I just like Jack’s wailing.

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