Posted: July 9, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Rat Patrol is the name given to the version of ‘Combat Rock’ that was produced by Mick Jones. It’s quite different from what actually got sold–sometimes not nearly as good–but it’s fascinating to see how the tracks evolved, and to see some of what was cut.

I don’t have the entire tape–some was damaged or unlistenable. But this is a must for Clash fans.

Enjoy a few tastes, or just go straight for the zip.

1. The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too

2. Kill Time

3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go

4. Rock The Casbah

5. Know Your Rights

6. Death Is A Star

7. Walk Evil Talk

8. Atom Tan (Edited)

9. Inoculated City (Uncensored ‘Combat Rock’ Version)

Zip file.

  1. Steven says:

    I think I may prefer this to Combat Rock actually…I never cared too much for the “hits’ (Should I & Casbah),but I like the versions on RP more than the ones on CR

  2. Robert says:

    Yes! Thanks for posting this.. you rule.

  3. kindsaluv says:

    great great great. thank you very much for this

  4. Julian says:

    The beautiful people track is possibly an updated version from the post 1977 “gates of the west era”. It cropped up on an extremely rare 7” ep (bootleg)called “the sound of the westway”, featuring 7 or 8 outakes and demos.

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