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In honor of the Fourth of July, here’s a host of covers by a great patriot who knows that just because you criticize a country, doesn’t mean you hate it.

A is for Arcade Fire-State Trooper.

B is for Badly Drawn Boy-Thunder Road

C is for Cold War Kids-State Trooper

D is for Dancin’ In the Dark-Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

E is for Everything But the Girl-My Hometown.

F is for Fire-Sound of Urchin. You thought I’d post the Pointer Sisters version? Are you fucking crazy?

G is for Garrin! Reason to Believe-Dan Bern and Garrin Benfield

H is for Hungry Heart-Stars.

I is for I’m On Fire-Carbon Leaf

J is for Janie Don’t You Lose Heart-Scott Miller and the Commonwealth. One of my all-time favorite Bruce tunes.

K is for Greg Kihn-Thunder Road. Remember Greg? “Our love’s in jeopardy! Baby!” This version sucks, but it’s funny to hear. Thanks for for this one. They posted a bunch of Thunder Road versions recently.

L is for lovin’ this post so far? Drop me a comment, then!

M is for Marah-Streets of Philadelphia. A solid bar band covers what is the worst Springsteen singles ever to win a Grammy.

N is for No Surrender-Pearl Jam.

R is for Ramrod-Warren Zevon

S is for the Slot machines at . . . Atlantic City-Warren Zevon. Another great version is Pearl Jam’s Atlantic City.

T and U are for Team Up!  As in, U2’s team up with the Boss! I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For-U2 and Bruce Springsteen.

V is for nothing.

W is for Tom Waits-Jersey Girl. A song Tom wrote, but Bruce made famous.

X marks the spot where I say that Y is for you’re almost at the end of this post . . .

And last but not least, Z is for Zevon-Cadillac Ranch

  1. ekko says:

    Nope. It was recently posted on another blog.

  2. andrew says:


  3. isaid says:

    no zip? 😀 cheeky i know
    Thanks as always, this looks like a real treat.

  4. Netzhaut says:

    Nice posting!
    You might be interested in the stuff on my blog at, where I’m right in the middle of a two week boss week 😉

    Cheers, Netzhaut

  5. Netzhaut says:

    Sorry, wrong language version of the link:
    (the other one’s my German blog)

    Cheers again, Netzhaut

  6. raydancer says:

    Aww…you missed Hem’s cover of “Valentine’s Day”…that would have been a perfect V. It used to be a free download on Amazon…can’t find it now though. Definitely worth checking out though…it’s on their EP “I’m Talking With My Mouth”.

  7. ekko says:

    Netzhaut-Did you not read my post? I specifically gave you a shout out!

    Ryan-I agree. It’s the worst time in history to be an American, but I know we can come back from this.

    Ray-Well, I can’t post everything, can I? Don’t have that one, but if you do, throw it up!

  8. szg says:

    You have No surrender from Pearl Jam, but you still had the P, and V. Both of which could’ve been used for their cover of Growin’ Up, or Vedder’s cover of Atlantic City.

  9. Enio says:

    Hi Daniel ! Can You send to me this song? I´m lookin for this cover version for long time ….

    Thanks !!!!!!

  10. BF Fan says:

    V is for Very Best cover – Reason To Believe – The Beat Farmers

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