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Ragged Magazine wants you to have a ton of free stuff to celebrate their downloadable magazine and the cool artists featured in their second issue! To read about the artists in the prize pack, go check out the e-zine. To win the great package below, drop me a comment with:

1. Your e-mail. You must include your e-mail in the comment! No excuses!

2. Your pick for the best independent album of the year (so far). The album must be on a non-major label.

Make sure you check your e-mail on JUNE 30 , which is the day I will notify the lucky winner. If you don’t check your e-mail that day, I reserve the right to pick a different winner. Winner will be chosen at random.

Here’s the booty if you do your duty:

– A cool American Rag Cie RAGGED hoodie
– Seven CDs from each of the seven RAGGED Issue 2 arists — Aqualung, Robbers On High Street, Midnight Movies, The Colour, Miho Hatori, Carina Round and The Cinematics
– A copy of RAGGED

After you’re done entering here, go to Ragged Magazine’s contest page for a chance to win a $500 American Rag wardrobe.

Good luck!

  1. andrew says:

    indie album of the year has to be spoon’s ga ga ga ga ga, despite the name.

    notoriousagb at yahoo dot com

  2. gary says:

    My favorite album so far is The Comas ‘Spells’. gmcc32@hotmail.com

  3. jackpott says:

    My favorite album is Dinosaur Jr.’s Beyond. cartcrew at gmail.com

  4. dbag says:

    we were dead before the ship even sank – modest mouse
    ongiara – great lake swimmers


  5. Jeremy says:

    My indie album of the year is White Rabbits Fort Nightly but the new Spoon and Modest Mouse are both good choices as well.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Forgot to include email in comment.


    Album of the year Fort Nightly by White Rabbits

  7. joel says:

    This seems to be a trend, but Dinosaur jr. Beyond is far and away the best album of the year. The internet and the ipod have changed my listening habits so much that I rarely listen to an album from start to finish anymore, but I have listened to and been amazed by Beyond over and over again.

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