Posted: June 22, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Grandaddy–a solid and underrated little band. Here’s a high quality Black Session from June 23, 2003.

A few tastes, then the zip:

01 Hewlett’s Daughter
02 I’m On Standby
03 The Group Who Couldn’t Say
04 The Crystal Lake
05 Yeah Is What We Had
06 Aisle Seat 37-D
07 The Go In The Go For It
08 Laughing Stock
09 AM 180
10 Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World
11 Now It’s On

Unzip my Grandaddy!
12 Lost On Yer Merry Way

  1. Slidewell says:

    Man, I can’t understand why Grandaddy didn’t connect with a wider audience. Maybe it was the beards. Anyway, their music was sad and beautiful and charming and funny. I am missing them. Hopefully, Jason Lytle will continue making great music under his own name. Thanks for posting this great-sounding show. It’s good to hear the tunes with some live-action crunch. R.I.P. G’daddy Perhaps a future generation of solar-powered space kids will discover the Sophtware Slump or Sumday in what whatever passes for a used record store and dig the pretty mess from this one band.

  2. Matt says:

    Did anyone hear that Outback Steakhouse commercial a few months ago? I swear the singer is the guy from Grandaddy, even though it was based on an Of Montreal song. The guy has a very distinctive voice. And yes, they were a wildly underappreciated band.

  3. danyul says:

    grandaddy fan right here! thanks so much!

  4. boomhaueruk says:

    No file? Any chance of a repost?

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