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Tegan and Sara are sluts. No, I haven’t slept with them or anything. It’s just that they’ve jumped from label to label, over and over, with just about every record they’ve ever made. Fortunately, their latest, “This Business of Art,” was an import-only on an indie label. Unfortunately, their next, “The Con,” will be on Sire/London. Too bad.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate their live performances! Here’s a show from February of oh-six. It’s cool. Real cool.

Jersey cool.

Dig it:

Living Room

Speak Slow

Monday, Monday, Monday

Take Me Anywhere

I Hear Noises

So Jealous

I Want To Be Bad [LINK FIXED]

Walking With A Ghost

I Know, I Know, I Know

Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover)

  1. til says:

    Actually, they had two albums after This Business of Art – If It Was You and So Jealous.

  2. McCrank says:

    I want to be bad track is not correct. YOu have wlaking with a ghost instead. It’s up there twice. Can you repost the I want to be bad track?

  3. ekko says:

    Track is fixed. Thanks for the heads up, McCrank!

  4. anthonfire says:

    I’ pretty sure you have some of this info wrong. They’ve been signed to Vapor since about ’99. They put out all their records through Vapor, including their next release ‘The Con”.

  5. t&s says:

    SLUTS!!!?????????i luuuuuuuve them!!and you got the wrong info btw!!!about almost everything you wrote!hahahaha!yeahyeah ;> in a good way

  6. ekko says:

    All right, t&s, let’s go over that.

    1. Calling them sluts was OBVIOUSLY a joke.

    2. Their label releases:
    -2007, The Con: London/Sire
    – 2007, This Business of Art: Superclose
    – 2006, So Jealous (U.S.-BMG)
    – 2004, So Jealous: Sanctuary
    – 2003, If It Was You: Sanctuary (Vapor in U.S.)
    – 2000, this Business of Art: Vapor
    So, they have jumped around quite a bit.

    3. The only other info in my post was the song names. They were correct.

    So, basically, you’re wrong.

  7. Delysid says:

    >1. Calling them sluts was OBVIOUSLY a joke.

    Really? But T & S being at least somewhat slutty is a necessity for my favourite fantasies about them! I choose to believe that both delectable sisters can get in touch with their inner slut when the situation warrants. And then I get in touch with their inner sluts — no, waitaminnit, that’s from one of the fantasies. Sometimes the distinctions blur, especially in deepening twilight.

  8. doodeedoo says:

    the con was originally supposed to be released on vapor/sanctuary but the ceased its US operations so they switched to sire(which is the i-dont-know-if-i want-to-be-under-a-major-label-umbrella-so-i-leave-wb-merge-with-london-and
    -come-back label) and superclose is the twins label/front thingy. as for bmg, that was a re-release, not the original.

  9. jonny says:

    Tegan and Sara are better than you.

    So go shag a donkey.

    Kthanxbye =]

  10. ekko says:

    of course they are, silly. but why would i harma donkey like that?

  11. Cayla says:

    HA! Tegan and Sara are both lesbians. fools.

    (that means they’re in my fantasies)

  12. Chad says:

    I luff both of them. I get to see them in concert for the first time in 4 days. Ive watched like every one of their live videos on youtube, but the real thing will be so much better!

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