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Take Mike (R.E.M.) Mills, mix with Jim (The Little Willies) Campilongo, Brazillian percussionist Mauro (David Byrne) Refosco, and Chuck (John Mayer, Norah Jones). MacKinnon on trumpet, add a pinch of Michael (Lounge Lizards) Blake on saxophone and sprinkle in Buddy (Bob Dylan, New Riders of the Purple Sage) Cage on the ol’ pedal steel guitar and . . . What’s missing? Oh, of course. songwriter/vocalist Marilyn Carino, the real star of the record, with her old-style, loungejazz vocals. Now, you got yourself some Mudville!

An eclectic amalgam of groove, electronica, symphonic composition, and smooth shoegazey rock that sounds, oddly enough, like it was created twenty years ago. A wide variety of sounds and instruments back a woman with a strong, full voice.



Audio Streams:


Wonder Boy

Spirits In The Material World

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  1. Gretchen B. says:

    Funny you say Mudville sounds 20 years old — They do have a “classic” sound, with all the nice old keyboard instruments and Marilyn Carino’s wonderfully expressive, adult woman voice, but its also quite modern. “Joy”, on Iris Nova, is like a funky disco hit re: 1978, with the strings and all but with weird electro keyboard flourishes that make it fresh. I also like their crazy cover of “Spirits in the Material World” – its a freaky world-beat/techno/funk amalgam but it all just jells into a great sound. Nice lyrics too, full of surprises and insight.

  2. ekko says:

    Thanks for the comment. You do realize, though, that 1978 was actually MORE than 20 years old…

  3. Gretchen B. says:

    True! I suuppose I do hear more ’70s influences than ’80s. I’m kinda sick of all the faux-80s retro sounds in contemporary electronica. I like Mudville because they are incorporating great influences (seemingly from the ’40s through today) but it all sounds uniquely like them. Thanks for letting us know about this great music!

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