Posted: May 3, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

I recently received Earl “USA” Pickens’ EP, “Turn On the Radio” for review. (By way of disclaimer, I can’t understand from the press release if this is a prequel to a full-length coming out on April 24th.)

Like the rest of Berkeley Place’s (no relation) Kill Buffalo Records, it’s high-quality roots rock, twang and tale. In particular, his finger-style guitar work is excellent. You don’t hear much true country music anymore, as Earl himself laments in “Can I Turn On the Radio,” singing, “Let’s be like we used to, not like we’re used to, let’s finally have enough.” With glory-days themes and songwriting chops on a par with Lyle Lovett, Bruce Springsteen, and Dwight Yoakam, this is a great little record. Complete with yodels. I hope he does release a true album this year, ‘cause I’d love to hear it.

Can I Turn On the Radio-Earl Pickens.

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