Posted: April 26, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

I know this is an indie blog and all, but I was so inspired by this post that I’m doing a list with RIAA albums on it. I’m not reviewing them, and I’m not posting mp3s, so surely they can’t get pissed about this, right?

My top 25 Rap Albums of All Time (Only one entry per artist):

25. De La Soul-3 Feet High and Rising
24. Late Registration-Kanye West
23. Farrenheit 1/15-Lupe Fiasco
22. Grandmasters-DJ Muggs vs. GZA
21. O.G.-Ice-T I just love this album for personal reasons–it was the first rap album I got after listening to nothing but Grateful Dead for a year. So it’s sentimental. Plus, I love when he says F-you to all the censors.
20. 3d Bass-Derilicts of Dialect
19. Pauls Boutique/Check Your Head (tie)- Beastie Boys
18. Disposable Arts- Masta Ace
17. Operation Doomsday-MF Doom
16. Momma Said Knock You Out/Radio (tie)- LL Cool J
15. Death Certificate – Ice Cube
14. Supa Dupa Fly-Missy Elliot
13. ATLiens-OutKast
12. FishScale-Ghostface. I’m sure I’ll catch hell for this one, but I really like this album the most of all his solo joints.
11. The Marshall Mathers Album-Eminem
10. Raising Hell-Run DMC
9. The Chronic-Dr. Dre
8. Ready to Die-B.I.G.
7. Makiavelli-Tupac.
6. Illmatic-NaS
5. Enter the 36 Chambers-Wu Tang
4. Nation of Millions-Public Enemy
3. We Got It 4 Cheap 1 & 2-Clipse
2. St8 Outta Compton-NWA
1. Vanilla Ice. Just kidding. Reasonable Doubt/The Black Album (tie)-Jay-Z

Okay, now yell at me everyone.

  1. j-no says:

    Unforgivable omissions: Gang Starr?? BDP?? Eric B. & Rakim?? Jungle Brothers?? and to a lesser extent:J Dilla?? Ultramagnetic MCs?? Stetsasonic??

  2. ekko says:

    Okay, I’m with you on Eric B. I coulda cut Ghostface or De La for them. But none of the rest of them (except maybe BDP) made an album that would be worth cutting out any of the 25 I picked. And Ultramagnetics? You gotta be kidding on that one, J.

  3. Andy says:

    Now, I know this post is old and all, but I just recently ran across your blog. And really? No Tribe on this list?

  4. Chuck D says:

    No Bubba Sparxxx???


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