Posted: April 26, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Inspired by Passion of the Weiss (see my previous post), I’m gonna see if I can get y’all to help me compile a list of the top 25 indie rock albums of all time.

(“Indie” means the album must have been released on a label that was independent of the RIAA.  If you’re not sure, use the RIAA radar on my sidebar to check.)

What you need to do:  Send me a list of your top 5.  Put ’em in order, 1st being best, 5 being 5th best.

Send your list to my e-mail (ekalett @  or drop them as a comment below.

I’ll run this for a couple weeks and see what we get.

Have at it!

  1. ethel says:

    1. Arcade Fire-Funeral
    2. Songs for Polar Bears-Snow Patrol
    3. Band of Horses-Funeral
    4. Arctic Monkeys-Who the fuck
    5. Modest Mouse-Every Planet We Reach..

  2. frank says:

    1. element of crime – romantik
    2. madrugada – grit
    3. bright eyes – i´m wide awake, it´s morning
    4. timesbold – eye eye
    5. weakerthans – reconstruction site

    well, as the first is german sung and might not fit here very well, i would alternatively add nada surf – let go.

  3. pat says:

    1. Repeater-Fugazi
    2. Band Of Horses – Everything All The Time
    3. Oh Inverted World-Shins
    4. Silent Alarm-Bloc Party
    5. Cat Power: The Greatest
    6. Bonnie Prince Billy – The Letting Go
    7. Hold Steady – Boys And Girls In America
    8. Reindeer Section-Son of Evil Reindeer (2002)
    9. Sleepy Jackson – Personality
    10. The Go-Betweens – 16 Lovers Lane

    Tens all you’re getting from me, boy!

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