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One of my favorite current bands who, sadly, released their latest album on an RIAA label. Too bad. But they’re still phenomenal. And their first two albums are their best anyway. The Hold Steady, live in Florida, 3.9.07. A few tastes, and then the zip. Enjoy.

Stuck Between Stations
The Swish
Cattle and the Creeping Things
Chips Ahoy!
Party Pit
You Can Make Him Like You
Massive Nights
Hot Soft Light
Multitude of Casualties
Not Even Stevie Nix
Your Little Hoodrat Friend
Southtown Girls

Zip file.


Louis Schefano, who goes by the nom-de-record “Louis,” was the drummer for RemyZero. He’s released Freak Show Revenge on
Superphonic Records. Check it out

Louis—My Own Good

  1. Chris says:

    Oh man, is the zip file already gone?

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