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The King Left is a band from Brooklyn, so, as I’ve said before, they pretty much get an automatic right to walk on my corner. But I’d have posted on these Bucktown boys even if they were from Queens!

Cop this one song, Storm in a Teacup, or Cop the whole EP, courtesy of the band!


Marah are a lot like Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Jukes, or a more accessible Hold Steady. Or a less accessible Bon Jovi. They’re a New Jersey bar band best seen and heard on their own turf. Hence, this excellent, soundboard quality show from Asbury Park’s Stone Pony, February 23, 2007. The show is a great introduction to the band–and it’s a great show for old friends, too.

Catfisherman 4:14

Feather Boa 4:58

Tame The Tiger 3:48

Demon of White Sadness 4:40

This Time 2:59

It’s Only Money, Tyrone 4:13

Dishwasher’s Dream 6:41

City of Dreams 2:56

Another Day in Bed 1:47

Poor People 3:45

If You Didn’t Laugh, You’d Cry 5:34

Point Breeze 3:53

Row House Row 3:18

Round Eye Blues 6:04

Sooner or Later 4:22

Soul 4:56

East 4:24

Closer 4:09

Apartment 4:08

The Hustle 4:19

Do You Wanna Dance? (Bobby Freeman cover) 2:55

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