Posted: April 1, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

I don’t know when this was recorded, or if it’s Modest Mouse or Ugly Cassanova, but wow! Forgive that the quality–it’s an audience taper–but I thought it was worth posting even if it’s a bit muffled.

Modest Mouse-Somebody Told Me (The Killers cover)

Alternate link:

Modest Mouse-Somebody Told Me (The Killers cover)

  1. Laura says:

    hahaha, good post!

  2. Laura says:

    dude, it’s april fool’s day! to think modest mouse covering the killers? how awkward would that be?

  3. Noah says:

    What’s that from?

  4. andrew says:

    wow i was really excited
    april fools?
    more like blue balls

  5. imtheotherdave says:

    Very amusing.

    How about Modest Mouse covering Cat Stevens?

  6. Dillon says:

    Two Girls and A Guy

  7. Samuel says:

    OMG and to think i’d passed april fool’s without being embarrassed!!!

    still though, thanks for the link… i’m going to keep listening to this.. it seems better than modest mouse covering the killers anyway!

  8. Emily says:

    Hahah. This was a good joke. Though I guess I’m a little late. I found it on Hype Machine, and I have to admit, I was a little excited. Good move with the “not sure if it’s Modest Ugly Cassanova”.

    And I could see Mouse covering this song. (Strangely, though, not Ugly Cassanova.) It would be a little strange. But, especially if it’s live, I could see Isaac Brock belting out the lyrics.

    Anyway, this was really clever. Though a little confusing and disconcerting.

    I’m sorry; I tend to ramble.

  9. E says:

    Funny, it got me thee years later when I was randomly googling.

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