Posted: March 24, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

I know I just posted this, but I’m trying to learn to tag mp3s for Hype Machine. So consider this a test. For regular readers, this is the photo of the day.

Layla (Part One)-Band of Horses

Layla (Part Two)-Band of Horses

Or, you can check out the bonus links:

New song! Fake Empire-The National

Spoon-Sister Jack (Demo)

Wilco-Any Major Dude Will Tell You (Steely Dan cover)

Okkerville River, Live!

The Dead 60s, live (10.3.05). If you don’t know this band, you should. For fans of The Clash, Yeahx3, etc.

New Pornographers Live

Mark Kozelek-Send in the Clowns

And if you’re still not happy, have one of these:

Knuckle Sandwich-Dangermouse and Jemini

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