I (heart) BAND OF HORSES! (live)

Posted: March 22, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

Band Of Horses- Live on March 15, 2007

If I have any of the song names wrong, please lemme know. Also, I know some of you would have liked a .zip. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get rapid share to let me upload one. So, you’ve gotta deal with savefile and mooload again. Sorry.

01. Layla (part one)-Band of Horses (live)

02. Salt Lake-Band of Horses (live)

03. Weed Party-Band of Horses (live)

04. Too Soon-Band of Horses (live) Too Soon (alternate link)

05. First Song-Band of Horses (live)

06. Monster-Band of Horses (live)

07. Our Swords-Band of Horses (live)

08. D.A.C.-Band of Horses (live)

09. Never Even Called Me By My Name (david allen coe cover)-Band of Horses

10. L.R.C.-Band of Horses (live)

11. Wicked Gil-Band of Horses (live)

12. Funeral-Band of Horses (live)

13. House-Band of Horses (live)

14. Layla (encore)-Band of Horses

15. Part One-Band of Horses (live)

16. Act Together-Band of Horses (live)

17. Earl-Band of Horses (live)

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