Posted: March 12, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

spoon2.jpg Spoon, hailing from Texas, are one of America’s best indie bands (and one of the first,too). They make a great combination of rock, funk, soul and punk, full of incredibly catchy hooks. If at least one of these songs doesn’t stick in your head you’re probably dead.

These are almost all live versions of great tunes by a truly fantastic band.

A is for The Agony Of Laffite-Spoon (Britt solo)-Spoon

B is for Beast and the Dragon, Adored-Spoon

C is for Chips and Dip-Spoon

E is for Everything Hits at Once-Spoon

F is for Fitted Shirt-Spoon

H is for Held (Smog cover)-Spoon

I is for I Turn My Camera On (Studio version)-Spoon. From the great “Gimme Fiction” record.

K is for the Kinks. Situation Vacant (Kinks cover)-Spoon

L is for Loose (Stooges cover)-Spoon

L is also for Loss Leaders-Spoon. A rare cut to hear live.

M is for Me and the Bean (Jonathan Clayton cover)-Spoon

M is also for My First Time (Demo)-Spoon.

S is for the video of Sister Jack, and the Paino Version of Sister Jack

T is for The Way We Get By (acoustic version)-Spoon

V is for Vittorio E-Spoon

W is for Wire! (Isn’t this a Wire cover?) Lowdown (Wire cover)-Spoon

  1. ElForko says:

    Wow, I just happened to be listening to Spoon when you sent me this.

  2. Ryan says:

    Honestly, Ass Hat, I have no clue what songs you could possibly be comparing. None.

  3. the subliminal genius says:

    you shouldve done “D is for Don’t make me a target”. It’s off their upcoming album there’s a few live versions floating around. phenomenal track cant wait to hear the studio version

  4. YinYang says:

    Thanks so much!
    I loved the acoustic version of “Way we Get By” and I can’t wait to get their new album!

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