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By the way, before I start today, go to Scatter O Light to read my guest post: My favorite books about music! Cara runs a great blog, too, so it’s worth reading my post and then poking around through hers.

Now, for the music.


The Western States Motel have submitted their first album for review here, and it’s good. The first track I listened to, “I Won’t Be Going Back To San Diego,” hearkened back to the folky light rock days of America and CSN&Y. And much of the album has that sound: Acoustic strumming with electric accompaniment and calm vocals that don’t stretch to the higher or lower registers. There’s a reason why this sound was hugely popular in
its time, and why it seems to be coming back. (I’ve said before that I think the ‘00s are the new ‘70s.) This is more than just a pleasant album, it’s a very pleasant album. Quite a surprise.

Estereo-Western States Motel

I Won’t Be going Back to San Diego-Western States Motel


More B-boys bringin’ da noise! Brooklyn’s own The Morning Pages. It’s smart Americana. I’m hoping to score a review copy, but ‘til that happens, taste this:

With The Lord-The Morning Pages


The Jennifers offer lots of free stuff, including an EP of covers that includes this one: Good Morning Starshine (From Hair)-The Jennifers).

shavebeavercartoon.jpg Baby Teeth-The Simp

Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)-The Long Winters

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