Posted: March 5, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

If 2Short were a little bit crunkier and a lot more new jack, he might sound like 8-Bit, on Ninja Star Records. You may remember them from Beck’s Gameboy Variations EP, where Mr. Hansen allowed 8-Bit to remix several songs from his fantastic, RIAA-approved Guero album.

I can’t say 8-Bit are good rappers. They don’t really have flow and their lyrics aren’t exactly street poetry, what with songs like “Suck Ma Dick,” “Coke,” “Muthafuckin’ Bitch,” and “Bat Wingz” (yes, it is about what you’re thinking). But they’re pretty funny, and the beats are crisp and fresh. By fresh I mean innovative, new, and uncommonly creative. A few times through it I was wishing that they weren’t so crude–it’s hard to share their albums with certain types of folks, ifyanowhudimean–but if you’ve got the guys over for beer and coke (or crack), and need something to put on while you freebase or play dominoes, this album is a good choice. Also recommended for a dance party in a slaughterhouse.

Bat Wingz-8-Bit

Muthafuckin’ Bitch-8 Bit


Machina 2-The Smashing Pumpkins. A legal download of an unreleased album.

The Good, The Bad, And the Queen offer lots of free live shoes at their site. I found their album extremely disappointing, but their live stuff is much better.

Bloc Party also like you to hear their live stuff, including this fantastic version of my favorite Bloc Party song, This Modern Love-Bloc Party.


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