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such great

I remember when my shorty came home one day and said, “What’s that song about the freckle in someone’s eye that you always listen to?”

To my dismay, I discovered that Iron & Wine had covered The Postal Service’s fantastic hit, Such Great Heights, and sold the cover to M&Ms. We should all note that Ben Gibbard himself didn’t do this. I don’t begrudge I&W their $, I guess, but it was a sad example of a great song being mainstreamed too quick. There was a time when all the hot indie bands were covering it, and then it all just ended.

Anyone for Tears for Fears? “Shout, shout, this song is played out . . .”

I still dig it, though.

Such Great Heights-Postal Service (John Tejada remix)

Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover)-Ben Folds Live

Such Great Heights-Ben Gibbard (acoustic, live)

Rilo Kiley-Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover)


Anyone here a Metric fan? I know I am (was?). Where are they now? Is anything coming soon from them? I see they’re playing Virgin Festival…I hope that doesn’t mean they’ve gone RI double A on my ass….

Well, if there is or if there ain’t, I have a live show from August of ’05 to share with y’all.

01 Intro
02 Succexy
03 The list
04 Slow night
05 Handshakes
06 Calculation theme
07 Combat baby
08 Dead disco
09 Credits

Cop it

  1. squashed says:

    you might want to do the picture size by hand, instead of using the ‘smart window” or whatever they called it… You can control the size better (the one on right now is too big and ruin the look)

    …I am not sure what allows …

    but “” has a firefox plugin with more powerful inut than the built in one.

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