Posted: February 18, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized


Okay, I’ve already posted today but this is so freakin’ cool I had to share it


with all of you . . .

Stewart Lupton is the lead singer of The Child Ballads, and I think he also used to be in a band called Jonathan Fire Eater that I know nothing about. Apparently, they were big, indie, and somehow connected to The Walkmen. I read that Lupton got dropped due to a drug problem or something. Seems like an odd reason to dump a rock guy, but whatever.

Their new stuff is kinda country, kinda Rolling-Stonesy. And I’m totally digging this cut:

Cheekbone Hollows-The Child Ballads

  1. Ass Hat says:

    nice! jonathan fire*eater were a cracking band, and would do well if they were around today. ‘tremble under boom lights’ especially. lupton was a liability, though – i saw them about 10 years ago and he was off his head, acting the jerk. good to see him back – walkmen never really did it for me.

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