BRAD SWEITZER (Sneak Preview)

Posted: February 5, 2007 by dillion in Uncategorized

February 6 will bring with it a new album by the witty and wonderful Brad Sweitzer, a singer-songwriter who burst on the scene in ’05 with, “Breaking the Awkward Silence.” When I read some of the song titles, like “Pussy Hair” and “Your Sister,” I thought this would be a novelty act, but it’s not. The songs are funny, but they’re far from jokes. The music has elements of rock and folk, kind of like early Bob Dylan, and the words have enough depth to make you think as well as laugh. Like “Canada,” a protest song masquerading as an ode. I’ve listened to the album straight through twice already. You can stream or buy his first album at CD Baby, so I imagine that on 2/6 you’ll be able to find the new one at well. Make a note. It’s gonna be worth tracking down.

front-copysmall.jpg Taste it:

Canada-Brad Sweitzer

Your Sister-Brad Sweitzer

  1. Sassy says:

    Actually, the album, “Breaking the Awkward Silence” is not the same Brad Sweitzer of Stove and Taker. I should know, he’s my son. The awkward silence Brad is not nearly as young and great looking.

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